Lighting & Production Design:

At Red Rover Entertainment, we specialize in creating captivating lighting and production designs for tours, festivals, and special events. We understand the importance of creating an immersive and visually stunning experience for both the performers and the audience. Our team of expert designers will collaborate closely with you to understand your artistic vision and bring it to life through dynamic lighting setups, innovative stage designs, and cutting-edge production elements. From small intimate shows to large-scale productions, we have the expertise and creativity to enhance your event and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Event Support:

Planning and executing a successful event requires careful coordination and flawless execution. At Red Rover, we provide comprehensive event support services, both locally and on tour. Our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure that every technical aspect of your event is seamless, from sound and lighting setup to stage management and logistics. We are dedicated to handling all the behind-the-scenes details so that you can focus on delivering a memorable experience to your audience. Whether you’re organizing a concert, corporate event, or festival, we’ve got you covered.

Equipment Rentals:

Red Rover offers a wide range of top-notch equipment rentals. We understand that having reliable and high-quality equipment is essential for a successful event. From professional lighting fixtures, video wall, and projection, to staging and rigging equipment, we have the latest technology and gear to meet your specific requirements. Our team will assist you in selecting the right equipment and ensure that it is properly set up and ready for use at your event. Whether it’s for a local event or a coast-to-coast tour, rent with confidence and let us provide you with the tools to make your event shine.

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