Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra: New Music Festival

Red Rover Entertainment had the privilege of being involved the New Music Festival put on by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra inside the Winnipeg Aviation Museum. This captivating corporate event blended the thrill of aviation with the enchantment of music, set within the stunning interior of the aviation museum. As experts in production design, we skilfully crafted a unique visual experience, artfully integrating aviation-inspired elements into the museum’s breathtaking architecture, creating a mesmerizing ambiance that left attendees in awe. Our dedicated staffing solutions ensured that every aspect of the event ran seamlessly, from the setup to the performances, with the magnificent building as the perfect backdrop. Additionally, our precise event management ensured smooth logistics and flawless execution, allowing the festival to soar to new heights, captivating both aviation enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Our commitment to excellence in production design, staffing, and event management made the festival an unforgettable experience that celebrated the spirit of aviation and the magic of music in perfect harmony, set against the backdrop of the museum’s stunning interior.

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